List of Main Divisions of Industrial Activities


Divisions (Codes)

Agriculture and Allied Activities

Agriculture, Hunting and related Service Activities (01);
Forestry, logging and related Service activities(02);
Fishing, Operation of fish hatcheries and fish farms; Service activities incidental to fishing (05)

Mining And Quarrying

Mining of coal and lignite, extraction of peat (10);
Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas, service activities incidental to oil and gas extraction excluding surveying (11);

Mining of uranium and thorium ores (12);
Mining of metal ores (13);
Other Mining and Quarrying (14)

Manufacturing (Food stuffs)

Manufacture of food products and beverages (15);
Manufacture of tobacco products (16)

Manufacturing (Textiles)

Manufacture of textiles (17);


Manufacture of wearing apparel, dressing and dyeing of fur (18)

Manufacturing (Leather & products thereof)

Tanning and dressing of leather, manufacture of luggage handbags, saddlery & harness and footwear (19)

Manufacturing (Wood Products)

Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plating materials (20)

Manufacturing (Paper & Paper products; Publishing,

Manufacture of paper and paper products (21);

printing and reproduction of recorded media)

Publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media (22)

Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof)

Manufacture of coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel (23);
Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products (24);
Manufacture of rubber and plastic products (25);
Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products (26);
Manufacture of basic metals (27);
Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipments (28)

Manufacturing (Machinery & Equipments)

Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c (29);
Manufacture of office, accounting and computing machinery (30);
Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus n.e.c (31);
Manufacture of radio, television and communication equipment and apparatus (32);
Manufacture of medical, precision and optical instruments, watches and clocks (33);
Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (34);
Manufacture of other transport equipment (35)

Manufacturing (Others)

Manufacture of furniture; manufacturing n.e.c (36); Recycling (37)

Electricity, Gas & Water companies

Electricity, gas, steam and hot water supply (40);
Collection, purification and distribution of water (41)


Construction (45)


Sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles; retail sale of automotive fuel (50);
Wholesale trade and commission trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles (51);
Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles, repair of personal and household goods (52);
Hotels and Restaurants (55)

Transport, storage and Communications

Land transport; transport via pipelines (60);
Water Transport (61);
Air Transport (62);
Supporting and auxiliary transport activities, activities of travel agencies (63);
Post and telecommunications (64)


Financial intermediation, except insurance and pension funding (65);
Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation (67)


Insurance and pension funding, except compulsory social security (66)

Real Estate and Renting

Real estate activities (70);
Renting of machinery and equipment without operator and of personal and household goods (71)

Business Services

Computer and related activities (72);
Other Business Activities (74)

Community, personal & Social Services

Research and Development (73);
Public Administration and Defence, compulsory social security (75);
Education (80);
Health and Social Work (85);
Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and similar activities (90);
Activities of membership organizations n.e.c. (91);
Recreational, cultural and sporting activities (92);
Other Service activities (93);
Activities of private households as employers of domestic staff (95);
Undifferentiated goods-producing activities of private households for own use (96);
Undifferentiated service-producing activities of private households for own use (97);
Extra territorial organizations and bodies (99)


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